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Please read over this entire post and do not skim through it.

Ok, so I am here to do some damage control since the staff team is overwhelmed with request for help. Let's start out with the modpack is currently not working. Due to the influx of the Brazilian players, the modpack was downloaded many times over. If you don't know how modpacks work, dropbox host the actual files. Dropbox suspended 3 of my accounts that hosted the modpack, one of which was a personal one, due to their being too much traffic. If you don't understand what traffic means, to put it simply, it received too many downloads all at once. The new solution to this is a direct link to a file with all of the mods inside of it. Since the modpack is broken for now, manual installation will have to do until a new solution is found. The 2nd thing I wanted to mention is the staff applications some of you have been submitting. To put it bluntly, you suck at them. Literally the number one section that everyone fails to answer properly is, "What experiences do you have moderating a community or game?" Underneath, in light gray letters is "Explain, 150 words or more in detail." Some of you just write 1-2 sentences, consisting of about 20-30 words. The other thing I wanted to mention about staff applications is that you cannot apply for moderator or admin right off the bat. To make sure everyone knows what to fill out, I went and redid the staff application form. It now has red and bold for what's really important, and what is required to become staff at the top of the application. Despite the red and bold, please read over the entire form. So without further adieu, have a good day.


WomboGuy @ Dragon Block GT
yes need to be original
lujhpi precis ser original???

Crash Fix

KATheHuman a posted Apr 17, 17

Have you been crashing ever since the new update? You're not the only one. The new update contains files that are hungry for resources, and your PC/Mac can't handle all that at once when the RAM allocated into Minecraft is low (1 GB default).

Minecraft Launcher:

  1. Start the Minecraft launcher. 
  2. Select your forge profile
  3. Enable JVM Arguments.
  4. Allocate more RAM. (2+ GB) 
  5. Save your profile. 
  6. Run Minecraft.

Technic Launcher:

  1. Start the Technic Launcher.
  2. Open the Gear Icon on the top-right.
  3. Click on the Java Settings tab.
  4. Increase the memory. (2+ GB)
  5. Run the DBGT Pack.

Aaaand you're pretty much all-set. Have fun. :)

- KATheHuman

Down for maintenance

KATheHuman a posted Mar 21, 17

The server is down for maintenance due to host server upgrade. We'll be back in a couple of hours. :)

Thank you for your patience.


KATheHuman a posted Mar 4, 17

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SaberGod11 Huh. took a while to crack it, also i gotta say... thats pretty awesome. Should i tell everybody the code or no?
CoOkI3MoNsT3R1 I'm not even gonna bother. I'm not good at solving any kind of code xD
MaxTheFearless You misspelled coming;)

Support the server.

KATheHuman a posted Mar 4, 17

We would appreciate if you guys would try to click this link daily, then click skip ad. It's a way of supporting the server if you can't donate.


--> http://adf.ly/1kwl3A <-- 

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